Pauline Carney

Five years since the completion of an Art and English Degree, and currently a practising professional artist, Pauline works with mixed media collage, fragmented prose and symbolism to express traits that she believes to be intrinsically human. 

"Hanging your Life on a Story..." exploits outsider art, fairytale therapies, fragmented prose, and a naive style of expression to externalise our collective internal, and to explain our subconscious through intuitive visual methods.
By including art and prose by the non-trained, as well as her own artwork, Pauline intends to draw inspiration from art in its most raw of states. Expression on an instinctual level is valued over art pushed to a pristine state of completion. The concept of fiction as being our collective comprehension in considered throughout this experimental anthology. 

"In the Kingdom of Fiction" will be Pauline's first large-scale curatorial project, bringing together a diverse collective of professional artists. 
She is looking forward to working closely with everyone involved. 

For more details, please see Pauline's Website

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